Winner of Philadelphia Magazine's BEST of PHILLY 2012 Award for Grocery Delivery!

Metro Philadelphia! Local Foods home delivery is here!  Like your own personal farmers' market, Harvest Local Foods partners with over 60 farmers and food artisans to be an incredibly convenient year-round source for local and organic foods including seasonal organic produce, grass-fed meats and fresh baked breads, as well as eggs, milk, and cheeses from pasture-raised animals.

Whether shopping online for home grocery delivery or visiting our micro-market in Lansdowne to pick up your order, we offer you a real connection to the farmers and food artisans who grow and craft your food.

  • Shop Online for Home Delivery of Local and Organic Groceries
  • No need to be at home when we deliver! Iced coolers keep your groceries cold outside your door and we're bonded and insured to deliver inside your door if you choose
  • Serving Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Suburbs
  • Over 200 Locally Sourced, Seasonal Products
  • Outstanding customer service -- We are a small, local business ourselves!
  • Lansdowne Micro-Market open for Pick-Up orders and shopping


We take the time to make on-site visits, and create working relationships with the farmers, farmer co-ops and food producers whose food we bring to you.


"There's no comparison between the flavor of the produce, milk, butter, breads, meats, and prepared foods from local, organic farms and producers and the stuff we used to get in stores."  - Janet B.

“Harvest Local Foods has such wonderful regional offerings. Ever since we began shopping there we have much better understanding of what is seasonal, local, and fresh. Gaining that insight has meant we're living healthier.” - David T.

“I am impressed with the ease of the whole process and your product selection is wonderful." - Rosemary D.

“My family has decided that we’ve never eaten better since hooking up with Harvest Local Foods, and surprisingly we’re not spending that much more money. We are eating more simply, but every meal is so good that it doesn’t matter if the kalamata olives or parmesan cheese are missing.” - Nicole J.

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